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Shy Violet never expected black magic to be real. Yes, she loves horror and the paranormal – the scarier, the better! And she's even started her own Occult Club, though that just creeps her classmates out. But when a popular male student is cursed for real, even Violet doesn't know what to do.

Now that Prince Not-So-Charming has transformed into a very strange 'beast,' it'll take much more than a kiss to break the spell. Help Violet stop the curse, break out of her shell…and maybe even find new love (or at least new members for the Occult Club).


Hocus Pocus Prince is an upcoming otome visual novel with:

  • PC + mobile ports
  • 3 love interests you can buy separately
  • Unique paths with different curse victims and new 'beast' forms
  • 5 CGs, 2 endings, and an unlockable extra chapter included in every path


Let us know what you think, or check out our latest updates, at:

You can also email us at oasis.plus13@gmail.com.


The current download is Demo (Version 0.5), which contains the entire prologue of the game (~14k words/1 hour long).


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Demo v05 (Windows) 66 MB
Demo v05 (Mac) 64 MB
Demo v05 (Linux) 68 MB


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No news in 2 years? It looks so good but it looks dead. :(

I like it! It is a funny and cute demo. Vincent's part made me laugh, his reaction to MC was just suprising. I also think Orion is great. But Ace just made me cringe so hard.. all those words from different languages thrown in randomly. Anyway it was good and I can't wait to see how this game turns out. :)

i love the game i am so impateint to play the full game so pls hurryyyyyyyyy rels it  i am wtng >.<


Any news?

i love your game!

i am really curious about vincent and why he dislikes the MC so much!

keep up the good work!


I honestly can't wait for the full release like anyone else. It makes me sad how we have to wait but that's just me being a bad person and being imapteint. I'm just so hyped, take your time and do all the amazing magic you are doing now


Still waiting for this game >.<


if game will be released in this life: I just  think man with black hair(forgot his name already))looked DEFINITELY better BEFORE redraw. His face is more beautiful.His figure proportions is right.Please ..just think again and leave him be as he is.

u mn orion seth loveeee it so am i the only hoo think is sooooo awesome *-*

can't wait for the full version!!! when will the full release come out? 


The last update I can find is from July 2017, has anyone seen any news since? I think I played the demo two years ago but it was amazing - I sincerely hope the project isn't dead.


They posted on their tumblr on October 9, it looks like they're still working on it!


The demo was amazing, really tugged on the heart strings in several instances. =)

 Though my heart is set on romancing Mr. tall,dark,and death glare. He is reserved, but not unpleasent, and seems pretty easy to understand, unlike CERTAIN people *cough* WannabeTamakiandTwo-facedBishi*cough*.  ^-^

my heart is set on romancing Mr. tall,dark,and death glare.

XD XD I scared the shit outta my cat laughing at that, (he was asleep on my lap, my computer was on my chest) 



Just finished the demo and man was it emotional and heart wrenching oof. I also checked their social medias and seems like they haven't updated since 2017? So is this game just not gonna be finished...? 👀


looks like it’s dead.sad.

the prologue was painful... i know how it hurts to be bullied and ostracized like that.

I wasn't sure how much I would like this, but I really loved the whole plot and, of course, the wonderful art. I'm excited for whenever you release the full game!


It's been awhile since they've updated. Does anyone know if the game is still in progress? Because I'm really interested in one of the routes.


yeah, I have good reason to believe they are still working on HPP.
this was posted on their tumblr page (link here if you wish to check it out for yourself) on 8 jul 2017

Hi everyone!
I apologize for the lack of updates! We’ve been on hiatus on and off but worry not, we’re still working on this project!
Here’s a rough status update so far!
Vincent route - All writing/art/code DONE!
Orion route - All writing DONE, Art/Code WIP
Ace route - writing/art/code in progress

so YAAAY!! 

Yeah I've seen their post. But its been 9 months since their update which is why I was wondering if it was still in progress.

just finished playing the demo and i just can't wait for the game release, just wondering if you have any idea when it might be released, and if we have to pay, how much it will be released for?


Is there an ETA on the release date yet?

The demo was pretty fun. It show cased the characters and the art quite well (though ofc there's bound to be more to the boys than the initial appearance shows) and makes me excited to see the full game.

I have played this a while ago and I still love it :3 also to help player is there gonna be a walk-though or nah. Also is it still gonna be free to play?  or do we have  to buy?


Are you planning to finish this? 


Yes, we are currently doing art and coding for Orion's path. Things have gotten busy IRL, but we still work on HPP whenever we have time. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we continue working on the game!

Thanks for the reply! I just really enjoy what you have thus far. I totally understand being busy. Good luck and keep at it. You have something good here. :) 


i agree with CuteFreeVNs you do have something good, am happy to hear about Orion's path i chose him in the demo but do love the other characters to. hope things go well for all of you in real and with this game.

loved it! 



Please continue, It's a really nice game, good graphics, good content, lol funny too, I really hope this will be continued ;-;


I enjoyed the Demo so much ! The story is very captivating and the characters are lovely , so I ended up getting attached to most of them ;D .When will the full game come out?

This has me intrigued... I'm eagerly awaiting the full game because this has so much potential. I really like the writing, the art is wonderful and overall it seems like this has a lot to offer :)


I hate that you killed it right when it got interesting, but this was a really cool otome so far. I think it could do with more player choice though, we really don't get to do much at all. I do really want to play the full game, looking forward to this.


when will the full game be out i really want to play it

I hate these boys!!!!!!!!!!  but anyways I cant wait until the full GAME XD I wanna get back at the NICE boi and Zen( Ace) for the mc T _ T

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Please don't leave us hanging! T^T

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I really hope to eventually see the full release of the game. Simply from the prologue, I can tell that a lot of dedication has been put into making this story. Plus, with a conclusion like that, I feel really bad. It's as if I condemned the guy I like to death... not a pretty thought to have. I'm still wondering if the explosion is because the protagonist messed with forces she shouldn't have or if there's someone else involved. It would also be good to learn whether the pendant simply tracks magic or if it was the cause of the magic. Needless to say, there are a lot of questions I look forward to learning the answers to.

Also, I just wanted to point out that it's a wonderful idea to have the scenes accompany the special images in the gallery. I really like it, especially for when games continue for a while. That way, it's kind of like a refresher when you need a break.

Anyways, please continue to work hard on the game. It'd be a waste not to see the final product.

This is such an awesome game! The idea is brilliant and I can't wait for the official release of the full version!


I'm so sad, their social medias haven't been updated since Sept 2016 :'(

Oh no... :(


They recently updated their website, they're still working on the project!


Thank you Medhea! :) <3

oh, thank Thor!!!



Ahh, I feel for this MC. I used to be painfully shy—just like her.

the demo is so goooodddddd!!!! waiting for the full version :)

This demo was awesome! Is there an estimate for a full release?

I loved this Demo! It absolutely stole my heart <3 Please give an estimate for it's full release. :) Keep up the great work!

Hey! I really loved this Demo! Would I be able to know when you plan to release it and how much you plan on charging for it? Or will it be Free?

xx Thanks

i donated how much i could afford but i really like the demo i just think it was a little to short but it still worked me up and made me want the full game so please please give us a date when it will be out i really want to play it.

Thank you for your kind donation, we really appreciate your support! We haven't decided our final release date yet, but will be sure to announce it when we do. We also plan to release a longer demo that contains previews of each route.

do you have an ETA of when the demo will be released?

We're not 100% sure, but sometime early next year would be nice!
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*CLAPS EXCITEDLY* OOH! I like the sound of that!!
(as long as it doesn't take till late, (like...OCTOBER of 2017) to get the demo out, I'll be quite the happy camper) (but if it is late, that's good too!)
keep up the great work! x3

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Hello! I'd like to know any news on this game's progression, as i am really looking forward to the full version!

lol, i made a acc just to type this :3

btw, Vincent's the best in my opinion, b-b-b-but i-it's not like i like him or anything!! B-BACCA!

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I feel honored to hear that you made an account to contact us! :D As for news, most of Vincent's route is done (just have to wrap up a few bugs and maybe add another ending), and writing for Orion's route is almost done (currently working on the endings). We'll do our best to finish the full version soon!



WHA-XD XD XD WTF?! why does Ignance have such a long name?!?! XD

(haven't played yet, but Orion is my favorite)

Ace is special in many, many ways. ;) Hope you enjoy the demo!

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I did enjoy the demo, and Orion is still my favorite XD

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